How to Determine If You Need to Hire a Professional Garage Door Supplier

Welcome to the blog page of Brooks Overhead - Cypress! As a well-known garage door supplier in Cypress, TX, we are happy to finally have a space where our team of professionals can share different news from the garage door industry, as well as some free repair and installation tips. To start with, we have prepared two posts which are dedicated to the most common garage door problems and their solutions.

Believe it or not, there are only a few things which can go wrong with your garage door. Although all problems must be addressed in a timely manner and by a professional garage door supplier, you should get familiar with these common issues so that you know what to do when they occur. Here is one of them:

  • Symptom: The door goes up only about 6 inches and then stops.
  • Diagnosis: Broken spring/s
  • Solution: Call a garage door repair expert as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should you try to replace the springs yourself. Garage door springs must be loaded prior to the installation. If you don’t install them correctly, the spring can snap and cause severe injury or property damage. You should also avoid operating the door when the springs are broken. Since there is nothing to hold the door up, the door could come crushing down on someone or something.

In our next post, we will list 2 more problems, so make sure you visit our web page next week for more information on the topic. If you, however, need some emergency tips, or want to book our team for a repair or installation job, call (281) 709-4784 now!