How to Fix Common Issues with the Help of a Garage Door Repair Specialist

As we promised last week, we will list 2 more of the most common garage door problems, as well as their solutions. Read this post to its very end if you are interested to learn some useful tips from our garage door repair specialists!

  • Symptom: The door backs up when you hit the close button.
  • Diagnosis: The safety sensors are damaged, misaligned, or are malfunctioning.
  • Solution: Most of the time, the problem can be fixed by realigning the sensors. To do that, check the LED lights on the sensors. If one of the lights is flickering, then adjust the sensor manually until the LED stays lit. If this doesn’t work, then contact a professional garage door repair service provider.


  • Symptom: The door is struggling to operate, rides rough, and bounces a lot when closing.
  • Diagnosis: Normally, this will indicate a problem with the pulleys. However, it can also signal a garage door opener problem.
  • Solution: The first thing you can do is replace the pulleys. If you have the proper tools and experience, then you can do it yourself. If not, then call a professional.

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